About Us

Team Group is a leading industrial conglomerate of Bangladesh. It is a success story which began its journey on May 13, 2009 with the simple slogan “Together We Achieve More.” Since then, Team Group has achieved tremendous success. What began as a seedling has now evolved into a tree, and spread out its branches far and wide, providing shelter to its employees, and information and guidance to its customers and friends. Deeply ingrained values of Ownership, Excellence, Social Responsibility, Recognition and Reward have catapulted Team Group to the league of elite organizations whose achievements are well known in the country and beyond. With sheer dedication and hard work, the founders have nurtured their baby, Team Group, which now consists of one apparel sourcing house, nine apparel and a [....]


To become a reliable global organization that provides excellence through innovation with a forward looking approach


Setting up an ethical business standard by providing a safe and rewarding work environment.

Implementing eco friendly technologies through trained and knowledgeable workforce to offer highest customers satisfaction.

Ensuring sustainable growth through innovation, talents and operational efficiencies.



We believe in ownership.We are all owners in the business and think of our employment at the company as a two-way street .

Excellence :

We go all-out to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

Social Responsibility :

We care for future generation of our beloved country. Our Environment care is always ensured by green technology and management.

Recognition and Reward :

Appreciated efforts will increase the self-esteem and satisfaction of our employees. Employees’ improved attitude towards their job will lead towards excellence.