Gramtech Knit Dyeing Finishing & Garments Industries Ltd (Circular Knit) is one of five manufacturing units of the prestigious Team Group. Gramtech, a 100% export-oriented readymade garments factory, consists of state-of-the-art facilities. It produces all kinds of knit products whose quality contributes to Gramtech’s overall excellence. Some of these products are polo, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers, and boxers. The factory is located at Dahargaon, Baliapara, Rupganj, Narayanganj-1460, Bangladesh.

Gramtech’s quality production has made the manufacturing unit synonymous with reliability and efficiency. The modern facility uses up-to-date machineries to produce the aforementioned knit products and to meet the requirements of its valued customers. For Gramtech, ensuring good safety, health, and hygiene conditions is of paramount importance. In addition, the factory follows all labour requirements promulgated under Bangladesh’s local laws, ILO, UDHR & BGMEA. Social compliance at Gramtech is strictly followed.

Gramtech is extremely committed to meeting customers’ expectations on product quality which it has proven time and again. Through proper human resource management and skilled manpower of over 2,000 persons, Gramtech strives to improve processes and systems to evolve with new ideas and technology and to produce quality garments at a reasonable cost within stipulated time for the satisfaction of valued customers. It is due to the professional excellence of skilled management that Gramtech has reached new heights in RMG manufacturing. 

In recent years, Gramtech has expanded its capacity greatly, developed a skilled management team and workforce and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to meet the global demand and latest fashion trends. Gramtech has taken its footprint all the way to Europe and Canada and therefore Gramtech remains updated with the happenings around the globe. Gramtech has gained recognition from its clientele as a partner that respects and values integrity. The manufacturing unit has made endless efforts to ensure employment practices that meet international standards.

Production Capacity

  • 36  Production Lines
  • 2,052 Employees
  • 2,100,000 Pcs Per Month
  • Fabric Capacity  : 15 Tons per day

Our Products

Factory Address

Gramtech Knit Composite

Vulta, Dahargaon, Rupgonj, Narayangonj